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Recommended actions

  • Make immediately and unequivocally clear to the stalker that you do not want any further contact with him/her. Stay consistent!
  • Publicity can protect you: inform all the people around you (e.g. your family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours), if you have become a victim of stalking.
  • Document everything that the stalker sends, communicates or does in a diary, so that you have facts and evidence if necessary.
  • Personal data does not belong in the household waste! Be careful with your documents that contain your personal data (e.g. letters or magazine subscriptions).
  • In the case of so-called telephone harassment and other stalking actions, e.g. via PC (so-called cyberstalking), seek advice on technical measures (secret telephone numbers, answerphones, mobiles, other telephone connectons, etc.).
  • Approach institutions that help victims (e.g. the counselling centre Stop-Stalking).
  • Inform people who you trust about your worries and fears. Do not be apprenhensive about seeking medical and/or psychotherapy aid organisations for any health problems.
  • It helps to file complaints with the police! Except for a few exceptions, it has been shown that quick and consistent police intervention against the stalker has an impact and the harassment often stops after a complaint has been made.
  • In order to protect yourself from the stalking, you can apply to the courts for an “injunction/protection order“ according to the “Protection against Violence law“.

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