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General Information


  • In English-speaking studies, the victim-related lifetime prevelance of stalking is 4-7.2% for men and 12-17.5% for women (Budd & Mattinson, 2000; Pucell, Pathé & Mullen, 2002)
  • In Germany, 11.6% of all people will be victims of stalking at least once in their lives (Dreßing, 2005)
  • A comprehensive meta-analysis revealed that in approximately 75% of the stalking cases, those affected and stalkers knew each other and in approximately 25% of the cases, they did not. Here, approximately 50% of all stalking cases take place after a relationship has come to an end (Spitzberg, 2002).
  • In Berlin in 2013, 2157 cases of stalking were reported (police crime statistics 2013)
  • In the Federal Republic of Germany, approximately 25,000 cases are reported to the police each year. A study carried out in the EU on violence against women showed that only in a quarter of the cases of stalking reported, were charges actually brought by the police, therefore the number of affected women –and men- is far higher.

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Unsere Buchempfehlung

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