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Stalking affects the quality of life in a negative way. The person who permanently has to deal with unsolicited contact at tempts feels at the very least harassed. If insults and threats are added on, you can feel attacked, while also being in a state of fear. If the entire interaction lasts for a longer period of time, with the person being stalked seemingly not being able to influence the situation, one could easily feel unprotected and powerless, as well as angry.

Stalking can spoil the joy of life. You experience how your freedom of movement becomes more and more limited everyday, because you always have to think about how to avoid your stalker. As a consequence, a lot of stalking victims show strong symptoms of stress, such as anxiety, restlessness, insomnia and/or depression. In some of the worst cases, it can come to traumatization with longterm effects and possibly to thoughts about suicide.

Some want simply to disappear and make themselves invisible.

They consider a relocation or change of the workplace.

“I just want everything to stop, so I can live normally again”, is a typical thought in this situation.

We offer

It is not always possible to stop stalking within a short period of time. Luckily you can protect yourselves through certain measures but also through the attitude of inner strength that you had possessed before stalking started.

Legal sanctions are provided by the stalking law (Nachstellungsgesetz). With the help of the violence protection law

(Gewaltschutzgesetz) a restriction order can be obtained. In individual cases it should be decided what legal measures are most effective. Anyone being stalked does not have to accept this.


  • We inform and counsel you about stalking and what you can do against it.
  • We look into the stalking pattern and the offender profile and develop individual solutions.
  • To reach the successful outcome we go into your uncertainty and create a measure plan for your security.
  • We make together with you a thorough risk analysis and assist in minimizing the threat.
  • We support you if you want to take legal measures. If necessary, we cooperate closely with law enforcement agencies/authorities.
  • We also counsel relatives and friends and the professionals dealing with stalking.

Your protection and stability are our priorities.

The first contact:

  • By telephone or via e-mail
  • For the first session we fix an appointment. During the session we clarify your situation and initiate the first steps for your protection and stabilisation.
  • We listen to you and examine, if you need long-term counseling or if an information converstation will suffice.
  • At your request we recommend further help at other institutions.

We do not offer legal counseling. We preserve confidentiality according to § 203 of the German Criminal Code. That

means that the information entrusted to us will not be shared with anyone else without your consent. Our service is free of charge.

Online counselling for people who are being stalked

Through the link below, you can seek advice from a Stop-Stalking counsellor by email, or book an appointment for counselling via chat. These features are located on the server of the counselling network, but you correspond one-to-one with a counsellor from Stop-Stalking. After you have provided an alias, a so-called nickname, and chosen a password, you will receive a link, via which you can use the email feature or log on to the chatroom.

Online counselling for people who are being stalked

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