In many cases stalking is a problem for both parties.Those being stalked can, for instance, be permanently harmed regarding their health. For them the best solution is that the stalking stops. However, only the person who is stalking can bring this about. Stop-Stalking therefore understands itself as protection for people who are being stalked.
But those who stalk also suffer from their stalking behaviour and its effects. The less their actions lead to their goal, the more frustrating the situation becomes for all involved. Many find their stalking unpleasant and gnawing away at their self-esteem. Noone wants to get old with stalking, stalking is no prospect for life. To the contrary:
  • stalking narrows the perspective
  • stalking costs a lot of time and energy
  • stalking leads to inner emptiness that is “filled” with more stalking
  • stalking enhances loneliness and is perceived as personal suffering
  • stalking is experienced as an addiction, almost as a compulsion
  • stalking is a criminal offence and leads to the intervention of the police and justice